Thursday, October 6, 2011

Last wedding of the year

I'm BACK! My computer is falling apart and I haven't been able to upload any pictures, print or much less do anything. Landon saved the day and finally figured out how to fix it so I can stop going crazy! I hate not having my blog updated!
(I know my friend Trena will be super excited about this haha, I think she's my biggest fan! love you!)

I'm going to post some things out of order but I will go ahead and start with last weekend.

First of all, look who finally gets to face forward in their carseat.
She was soooo excited, she just kept laughing and saying whhhoooooaaaa!

Of course we had to make a moment of it with both Landon and I there cause neither one of us wanted to miss it, so we drove around and burned gas just so we could see her all excited, it was cute!

With the terrible twos approaching it was getting so hard to put her in her carseat, she would push up against the seat with her legs with all her might, pretty annoying to the parents I must say so we gave in and turned her a month early...oh well.

Saturday I attended mine and Landon's friends wedding

My friend Crystal and I sat together (bad idea, cause we both apparently get bored easily and we love to people watch so we found funny things to take pictures of like the violinist with a leaf in his hair....and khara standing funny, and scrunchies...that comes later in the post.)

While Khara was catching beautiful pictures of everyone else, I managed to catch an awkward one of her, who stands like that! hahaha (I'm a mean friend huh, she knows I love her!)

Brad aka B-rad waiting on his beautiful bride

I've known this girl since she was 7!

Here she is...Natalie was one of my sorority sisters and Brad was one of Landon's frat brothers, they met at our new years eve party 4 years ago while playing with our pet rat Rosco ha! It was love at first sight!

I have never seen two more emotional people standing at the alter, It was sooo beautiful, Brad is just so in love with her and he didn't care to show it, I loved that!

Oh sooo sweet!

What a beautiful set up

A chocolate coverd cherry made to look like a mouse or maybe a rat since that's where it all began!

My Bestie and I

Singing shades....for those of you who don't know what that is..."Shades is a special song that all Chi Omegas sing and the end of their special occasions, we always leave a space open for those sisters who can't be with us, and especially for God!"

Me and the Beautiful Bride!

Crystal Pistol! She was my date for the evening!

Baby AMOS!

Haha a scrunchie! (I haven't seen one since junior high!)

Sunday was a relaxing day, Gannpa and Gigi came over to play

Thinkin hard about her next move

I found a little website that has games and learning activies appropriate for Brielle's age....she loved it!

HaHa...she has to use two hands to press a key...ADORABLE!

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