Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Grayson's Birthday Party

My computer has not been working and we have had cable problems for like 4 days straight so my blogging has been put on hold.

Out to dinner to watch the Rangers play a while ago with Landon's work friends.

The sweet kiddos

We attended a birthday party a few weeks ago for one of Landon's friends kids, Grayson who was turning 4.

Jump house that Brielle and her friend Maddy were to scared to jump in, so the daddys helped them jump on the outside of it.

She finally got enough courage to go in!

Me and the birthday boys beautiful momma Melodie

Landon went out of town for work after the Birthday party so we had ourselves a girls night at pei wei!

Of course she choked on an orange while we were there. That would happen when I'm all alone, it was only for about 2 seconds but still scared me to death especially since she's only done that one other time.

She's such a big girl wanting to carry her baby and her leftovers by herself ha!

We spent some time outside while the weather was still nice.

Trying out her dress up shoes

I love them little toes!

model pose!

Of course she had no interest in dressing me up but she sure wanted daddy to! He's quickly trying to get all the jewelry off before I snapped a picture, he forgot about the purse on his wrist haha!

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