Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big Texan Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from my little Turkeys!

Ready for Gymnastics

Thanksgiving day we headed to The Big Texan for lunch. We were meeting Grandma's side of the family there.

Stuffed and happy

Grandma, double fisting her pies

I love the old men that come around to the tables and serenade you! I requested "Out in the West Texas town of El Paso" one of my daddy's favorite songs!

The old men got down on their knees half way through the song and Cindy just died! I'm not sure what the song was but she just cried.

Taking some morsels home to the dogs.

Speaking of dogs, how excited was I that the tv had the dog show on and not football!

This picture attempt was a complete failure, Brielle hated that chair.

After lunch we decided to burn some calories at the park.

Landon found some cardboard...WEEEEE!

Looks like she's up to something.....

and she's off!

I guess they thought Amarillo was the best place to migrate.

Brielle loves to try to sit in the big people seats, we wanted to go to the other side of the park where the playground was so we let her ride there, big mistake, when we left it was the biggest fit to get her to sit in her car seat...she called it the baby seat haha!

Landon coming out of the tunnel, he gave me a nervous giggle when he saw I was taking a picture ha!

Racing to the car, she likes to try to run backwards like her dad.

This dog totally looked like a giant Maddie dog, I had to hide to get the picture cause the owner caught me and totally thought I was a creeper.

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  1. Holy cow that does look like a giant Maddiedog! Looks like Thanksgiving was so fun, I'm sad I missed it!


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