Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Halloween!

My sister and cousin had this GRAND idea for us to all get dressed up the day before Halloween and go eat at a restaurant! Poor Landon, he was such a good sport being the only boy there!

Kim Kardashian, Cat, Indian, and Audrey Hepburn

Dwight Schrute with his pet cat and dog

Landon's new business card

My aunt did not realize what she was clawing at haha! She will die when she realizes it!


Most beautiful Audrey Hepburn ever!

My mom secretly wants to be India ((SERIOUSLY!)

The cats, my aunt made her whole costume out of her leopard pj's haha! I was going to be out of town for all the Halloween party's so I didn't buy a costume but my sister let me barrow her cat one.




Here is the newest addition to the family, This is Brielle our new poodle puppy! Cutest thing I've ever seen!


Our first stop for Halloween was our church's parking lot.

Last year with her dada

Excitedly waiting to get into trunk or treat!

This year

Last year, she wasn't walking yet in this picture.

Brielle and her friend Braelyn


After Trunk or Treat at our Hillside Amarillo West church we headed to our Amarillo South church because Brielle's Mimi and Aunt Sasha and Tillie were working at that one.



Next was Grandmommy's and Grandad's.

Brielle walked right past Grandmomma who had a handful of candy for her and into the house, she just made herself at home ! Good thing it wasn't a strangers house ha!


My baby looks more like a little girl than a baby anymore these days!

Last year with my lil stinker

Learning the names of all the different candies with Grandad


Lita's house, there were a couple of kids with mask at the door getting candy when we arrived and B just screamed and screamed, she was so scared of them bless her heart. I wish she would never be scared of anything....funny how last year none of that affected her and this year it does....I wonder what makes a little kid know something is "scary". Last year we went into a Halloween store and she saw a Frankenstein and said "DaDa" haha, Brielle your dada's much better looking than that!


Naturally they had Halloween gifts for her......

Her favorite books at the library right now..."That's not my bear"


Kitty gave her some cute doll accessories.

A couple days later when I dropped her off at my moms, the first thing she says to my mom and Kasey is "Open Presents!!!" What makes her think she gets a present when she goes over there anyways, nooooo she's not spoiled at all!


Taking a rest with Papa Lou before heading to the next house.


Gramps and Nonna

Brielle and Baby Colton, they were both puppy dogs, too cute!


Uncle James house

We were all in James kitchen admiring his new back splash and after a few minutes of that we turn around and find this....

She had found his bag of Halloween candy and was taking it piece by piece and putting it in her trick or treat bag! So hilarious!

Uh Oh! Busted!

Grandma Dorothy had to work on Halloween night so we surprised her at work.

Brielle playing with her light up pumpkin necklace from Grandma




We didn't make it over to Teresa's until 9:30 so there were several people we still didn't get to see this year.
We were sad to not get to celebrate with Grammy and Pops (we'll have to start at their house next year and make our way back home) and Aunt Kaytie who is in France.

We missed Ashleigh as well who is serving in the Air Force and is stationed in San Antonio right now, we are so thankful she is not overseas!

After we get done trick or treating we pull into our garage and have the scare of our lives!
My sister and cousin decided to get us back after all the times we've scared them and I have to say they won that fight! I almost had a heart attack!

Here's a slow reenactment to what Landon attacked them with. He actually "Tapped" her with the box in the chest, what good was that going to do.....Punch Them!

We also got a little surprise on our doorstep for Halloween! My sweet friend Trena always thinks of Brielle and left her this princess ball and card! I'm so blessed to have such thoughtful friends!

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