Sunday, January 10, 2016

Destin Florida!!!

My sister in law Kaytie decided to have her bachelorette party in Destin Florida.  How amazing is that!!! Florida is my happy place and I've never been to Destin so I was giddy as all get!  Plus one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world was also invited!  Emily and I got the 6am flight so we could have a whole day  once we arrived.

I need this to calm my nerves.  I hate flying, even more now that we have kids.  

This was our 3 story beach house nestled just a short walk to the beach with it's own private pool.

I was like a little kid at Christmas on the drive in.  Florida, water and warm weather fill me with a glee!

First thing we did was hit up the beach.

The water was completely clear and the most beautiful colors.  There were pretty little white fish swimming around here and there.

And then the party arrived!  They wanted to start off slow with the drinkin...

The crew!  I had never met some of these ladies before but they were absolutely amazing and such great friends to each other.  It was sweet watching how well they took care of Kaytie and how much they loved each other.  Since Kaytie is my sister you know, it gives me a lot of peace knowing she's surrounded by such supportive good women.

Emily and I took the bunk bed room so there would be more room for activities! :P

This guy... never a dull moment.

I get a little overly excited about outfits for vacations.  Half the fun is what you wear.  So I tried to find fun beachy things to wear while I was there.

Fireworks at dinner, so perfect!  Wished my honey was there with me.

No no, that's so not how it's done. 

There ya go.

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