Monday, January 11, 2016

Michigan bound

Not 3 days after getting back from Florida did I have to jump on a plane and fly to Michigan for my cousins wedding.  This time I took honey bear with me.  She was the flower girl.

The house we rented did not meet our expectations or the good reviews.  It was creepy and smelled bad :( What a bummer.

But the house my cousins fiance grew up in was adorable and had a lake view. You can't see it here really but it's a pale yellow with orange and green accents.

The bride!  She loves my cousin fiercely and accepts him for how he is, quirkiness and all.  We are happy to have her in the family and receive her with open arms.

Her momma cooked breakfast and lunch for us every single day we were there.  She was an amazing hostess AND it was all from the farmers market and organic, you know I loved that!

Dawey's such a good uncle.  He kept Brielle and played dolls with her while the girls went on a little outing to the farmers market then to get cheese and wine.

I was in heaven! Why isn't there a large farmers market closer to my home! (I heard we are getting one)  I wouldn't shop anywhere else if I had this nearby.  Everything was so beautiful, the colors were bright and the food was real.  

There was a little Amish family with a booth, thought that was quite interesting.  I would love to spend a day in their life.

I fell in love with these honey straws.  They were the perfect afternoon snack for my kiddos and honey has great health benefits too. 

Homemade soaps

Cutest little old man!

Then we were on to the cheese tasting.

We went back to the house to "play" and enjoy our cheese and wine.  What a perfect relaxing little day it was.

Sweet sisters getting manicures.  

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