Sunday, January 10, 2016

Destin Part 3

I jumped into my mommy role that morning and made breakfast for the girls

Breakfast on the balcony of our house, you can see the beach from there.

Sadly this day was not as peaceful.  Emily and I went out for a while but it was super rough out there.

Later that day we rented a pontoon.

We rode it out to Crab Island.  They have a floating bar, floating jet ski rental and obstacle course out there!! The water didn't go higher than our waists!  There were jelly fish though, yuk!

We 3 were down for the obstacle course challenge.

Bustin a move, and she says she can't dance. PSH

How cute are they!  Taking a rest before dinner that night.

After dinner I went out with Kaytie and two of her friends.  It was a BLAST!  Wished I would have felt well enough to go the night before too.

Those boys were obviously not welcome in the photo.
I didn't want to leave the beach but was ready to see my hubby and babies.  We swore very soon we would go back and rent a house again with the whole family!

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