Thursday, March 31, 2016

Derrick's Wedding Day!

The Wedding day is here!!! I cannot believe Derrick is getting married.  Just yesterday he was the little boy with the big ole head a happy go lucky spirit who would do any dare we put him up to.  He is such a pleasant person to be around, a go with the flow kinda guy and clueless about most everything half the time :)  I love him so much and am so proud of him.  

The beautiful flower girl.  This made my heart sing!  Brielle has been in my sister Kasey's wedding, now Derrick's and soon Kaytie's!  She loved her role as flower girl.  It just came to me that I should clarify, my cousin Derrick is marrying a Katie... and my sister in law is also named Kaytie and shes getting married a month after Derrick.  I'm sure this has probably been confusing ha.

In love with my little flirty skirt.  You know who's the best person to get to take your selfies, your mom!  She was happy to take as many as I asked for and told  me how pretty I looked the whole time haha.  I guess taking pics of your cute kids never gets old even if they're 33 :)

The ceremony took place lakeside.  It was a beautiful view with all the sail boats.  I was so impressed with how quiet and respectful they all were during the ceremony.  It made for a marvelous background!

I had a role in the wedding but cannot remember the name of it haha, something they do in Michigan.  I was pretty much in charge of coordinating the wedding party and making sure everyone walked down the isle at the correct time. 

Natalie and Sasha looked beautiful in their dresses.  Katie chose wrap dresses so everyone would match but be able to tie them differently so they all looked unique.  

Our new sister!

I can't believe it.  Where did the time go? 

What a blessed day indeed!

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