Thursday, March 31, 2016

These Babes of Mine

I love cuddly babies after bath time

That belly!

And if this isn't the tastiest thing I've ever seen.  This boy tans so easily too as you can see.

He insists on eating everything with a spoon or a fork, even almonds.

Brielle fell and scraped her knee.  So of course littel brother needed a bandaid too.  I have a pic identical to this with Sherry Ann when we were little :)

Fall softball started back up and there was actually an early game for once so we all got to go!

I was impressed with how well Hason behaved and how much he paid attention.  Hopefully we have a baseball player in the making!

My work buddy.  Can't get many emails answered like this, but I don't mind.

Who needs a plate when you can eat left overs straight outta the tupperware.

  Little brother threw a few fits the first few soccer  practices Brielle had cause he wanted to play.  He finally found a way to occupy himself.  Boys and their dirt!

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