Thursday, March 31, 2016

Katie's Bachelorette Party

Here it is, practically March and I'm updated for October.  Blog fail.  I am bound and determined to get caught up this week!  So get ready for update overload, does anyone even read this thing anymore lol. 

So I left off with us being in Michigan for my cousins wedding. Here we are ready for the bachelorette party.  We met up at there Grandma's (I believe) house for wine and more cheese before heading out to dinner.  She had the prettiest little backyard backyard.

It was a Tiffany and Co theme,  we were all to wear black and pearls and wrap our gifts in Tiffany blue.  I never wear black but for Katie I will :)

It was a very low key bachelorette party considering the rehearsal was the next day.  Can't have a sick bride on rehearsal day.  So we headed back to her house and did the lingerie shower then a video Natalie and I recorded of Derrick answering some fun questions.   I'm not so sure I wanted to hear the answer to a couple of them but didn't think about it before asking him haha.  Joking, he's a really good kid :)

The next day Kasey and Colt arrived, HOORAY!  Katie wanted a huge dessert bar with all their favorites for the wedding so each family member cooked something on the menu to lighten the load a bit.

Then we headed off to the beach on the lake.  I was surprised at how clear the lake water was, you can't tell from the pictures though. 

Uncle Colt has always had a soft spot for Brielle.

Dinner on the patio overlooking the lake.

Rehearsal time!

Together again!

All the mommas

Dawey's friends were just great.  I'd always heard him talk about them but finally got to meet them.

That evening Kasey and Natalie did a makeover on me and fixed my crazy eyebrows.  I suck at makeup and suck even worse at hair.  I can dress myself quite well though if I do say so myself.  That other stuff is intimidating to me.

This was my hilarious view, they reminded me of muskrats coming outta their holes to see what was about.

I'm dying, but they're so pretty to look at I didn't mind my view. 

Tada!  I'm not a fan of my large forehead or my ears that stick out but since Kasey and Natalie are both a lot more chic than me they think they are runway worthy and that I should show them more.  I don't know about that.

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