Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kornegay/Thomas Thanksgiving

I am sooo Thankful for my family! I love my sisters, mom, Aunt and cousins sooooo very much! I have more fun with them than anyone else and we are all a little crazy which makes us feel normal when we get together haha! Our favorite hobby is clothes and we love dressing up for our family events! I am blessed!

Did I mention how much I love these boys too! Couldn't have asked for better men in our family, and handsome as well! They are especially fun to pick on too!

I'm also super Thankful for this guy (the one on the right, not left haha J/k)
Colton has been gone a year serving our country in Iraq. How blessed we are to have him home safe! We owe it all the God for looking after him for us. My heart is at peace. (This is one of my favorite pictures, they both looks sooo cute!)

Nothing better than a bunch of casseroles, my favorite!

Critter and Nancy

The kid and Dawey

My daddy, he's not mad...this is how he always looks....well maybe he's annoyed with all these girls in his house haha!

Of course it wouldn't be a holiday without Brielle getting a present, Aunt Sherry Ann and Uncle James got her some adorable outfits!

I love how she gets excited about clothes!

From my favorite store, The English Rose of course!

The love of my life!

What I'm most thankful for.........

James and Sherry Ann

Now it's Guesstures time!!!!!!
I think Landon's fist pumping!

If my mom knew I posted this she'd flip ha!

I think Trent is about to get attacked by his own hand ha!

Uncle Mark even joined in.

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