Monday, October 31, 2011

The English Rose Boutique

The English Rose, the boutique I have started working for just got new owners and a new look! I love my job, I work Wednesdays and Fridays and love my bosses! I couldn't ask for nicer people to work for!
Here is Kristin painting our new store logo on the wall

I helped!

We decided to decorate the office for them in honor of bosses day and in congratulations of their new store!

I made cookies

Angela made a candy bouquet

and we all had a blast blowing up a million balloons!

Cute little Mercedes! She'd fit right in your pocket!

Mercedes made this fashionable sign

TAAADAAAAHHHH! Here it is! Beautiful right, did you notice the JEWELS!

We wanted to be there for the reveal so we wrapped it up like a gift!

Kasey wrote this, obviously ha!

It's ribbon cutting time!

B in one of her English Rose outfits!

What the heck is he looking at!

He has to learn to love this place because a lot of his money is circulating back into it haha! I haven't bought much for myself, it's Brielle I have a problem buying for!

Playing with the boys in the kids room

Our English Rose Family!

Tana opening her's and Billy's bosses day gift from all of us.

This weekend I travled to Dallas with Tana for the Dallas clothing and accessory market show.
Talk about overwhelming! So much to shop for and so little time!



Tana and I

Can't wait for the little girl clothes to come in! Already got my eye on the one on the right! Brielle's spring wardrobe is already all picked out!

I was the guinea pig and tried everything on over my clothes haha! This really is a super cute romper!

Guess what, we are finally getting some boys clothes and oh my are they cute!

Just what you need after a hard days work

I had such a blast shopping with Tana and can't wait to do it again!

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