Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Magic Kingdom!!!

Half the fun in doing anything to me is getting dressed for it!  I love a good theme I love picking out clothes to wear on vacations or date nights or girls nights, whatever it may be...that's always half the fun.  

I thought about getting Brielle some cute custom shirts made but this was her trip and I knew she would much more enjoy getting to pick out a princess dress to wear everyday so that's what we did.  Her Aunt Kasey and Uncle Colt bought her this Elsa dress for Christmas to wear.  It even plays music and lights up!  Everyone who saw it thought it was the most amazing little dress they'd ever seen, especially at night when you could see the lights on the dress really good!

We made it, our first day!! We had planned on being there right before it opened but we were so tired from the night before we decided not to rush it.  We never made it there for opening and we only stayed till close one night and that was plenty of time at the park for us.  It stress free since we didn't have an agenda to stick to.

 I was full of emotion.  I have not been to Disney World since I was 5 years old I believe so there isn't much I remember.  Beauty and the Beast movie is my favorite Disney soundtrack and that was what was playing when we walked in, meant to be!  One thing we found out about Disney is they are extra accommodating and want you to have the best trip ever!  It really is all about you and you definitely get your moneys worth of fabulousness outta this trip.  They are awfully serious about their lines though.  They want you packed in a close to the person in front of you and want you ready to scan your fast pass asap!

And when you turn the corner there it is!! Cinderella's Castle!  I was expecting it to be right up front when you walk in but you had to walk a ways to get to it.  Unfortunately we had already been warned that there was construction being done and there would be a big stupid crane in all our pics :( how unfortunate is that!  They weren't even using it half the day, they should have lowered it while not in use.

My sister and her clever photo shop.  Bye ugly crane!

At Disney you get fast passes with your tickets.  You get to pretty much jump to the front of the line for 3 different rides or charactor meet and greets of your choice each day you are there.  Unfortunately we were not able to get a fast pass to see Elsa and Anna so we never even told Brielle they were there.  We went straight to the spot where Elsa and Anna would be.  We found out it was just an hour wait!! For their biggest attraction, totally doable!  I swear if you ever want to go, February is the time!

Anna set the tone for the day, she was SPECTACULAR and so darn cute!  She made Brielle feel so special, I was smiling from ear to ear! Insert "squeal!"

I'm 99% sure Elsa was preggo lol.  She kept trying to hide her belly.  I expected all the princesses to be overly bubbly and friendly but they were not.  Don't get me wrong, they were friendly per say but they played their characters very well.  Anna was bubbly and Elsa was nice but mature just like in the movie.  She asked Brielle how she got her Ice Powers in her dress :)

We hardly waited in line for rides.  Most were about 15 or 20 minute wait times.

We found a tent for meet and greets with Donald, Goofy, Minnie and Daisy.  The wait was 5 minutes for the boy characters and 10 minutes for the girls, can you believe that!

Teacup time!  This was Brielle's favorite ride I think.

This is my most FAVORITE picture of all the trip,  It sums up Disney right here...
I started my bikini diet a couple weeks before Disney,  I failed to comply with it the whole time we were there.  The food was too tasty to pass up.

Awe yes, there is rain in February, but that won't keep the Gann's down.

The only thing I remember from Disney when I was a kid was the "It's a Small World Ride"  I still think it's cute.

I totally caught this guy humming the tune of this song once while working around the house.  I sure did tell his friends and he's never lived it down.  We laughed and had to send his friend Jeff this pic.

We got stuck on a ride haha.  Luckily we didn't have to be anywhere and didn't have a fast pass scheduled soon.  

No princess should ever have to use the stairs! : P  After about 15 minutes or so they let us off, at the bottom of the stairs was a guy handing us each a fast pass for our inconvenience, it wasn't that big of a deal but we were happy non the less.  Once again Disney outdid themselves and took care of their customers :)

We didn't plan on making any of the parades but somehow got to see most of them and they were the most beautiful parades ever!

This kid hates being up on her dads shoulders.  She only lasted a minute.

We even got to bring up the tail end of one and walk right behind the last float as we were leaving the park.

I was so excited about the food, a close second to dressing for any occasion is the food and the food here was AMAZING!   We had reservations to Chef Mickey and only had to wait a few minutes to get right in.

There is no stress in meeting the characters when you do character dining.  You just sit at your table and they all come around to you and you get a picture with everyone.  There is no fooling Brielle though.  She knows these are just costumes.  She doesn't fall for this stuff, I never did as a kid either.

Here I am 4 months pregnant with my food baby, I call him banana pudding.

Now isn't that cute... 
What a wonderful blessed first day we had!!! My feet sure hurt though!

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