Monday, April 6, 2015

Disney World!!!!

We have been keeping a secret from Brielle for quite some time now.  We are taking her to Disney World!  We waited to tell her till the Friday before we left.  (we were flying out on Sunday) You know how it is,  something can always happen and then she would be completely devastated if we couldn't go when planned. 
We sat her down and told her how much we loved her and how proud we were of her and we wanted to take her somewhere special.

We handed her the box with the fast pass bracelets...

She couldn't bring herself to look cause then the surprise would be over haha.

She's like her daddy when she is excited, hardly shows emotion.  She doesn't know how to deal with all the feelings she has.  So she just smiles and says "OH!" haha.  My sisters and I being the annoying loud kids we were would have screamed and hollered and jumped up and down.

She's telling us she saw a commercial about Disney where you get to stay up late there  :)  Sweet baby girl!

We are finally on our way!  

Brielle loved riding in the airplane.  How I wish I had a child's innocence and care free spirit.  

I on the other hand do not like flying, all I think about are bad things and leaving Hason an orphan.  I do pray a lot when I fly, and drink a little to calm my nerves :P 

We have arrived in Florida, If  you read my blog you know this is paradise to Landon and I, we just love Florida!

I never imagined it would look like this. Disney is pretty much it's own city with a big ole highway going through the middle of it, I think the whole park is almost the size of Amarillo!  Here we are, of course the pic is blurry.  We are entering the "city" of Disney, It says "Where Dreams Come True"  How precious is that!! Once we drove under that sign we were in!!

We stayed at the Art of Animation.  The building was BEAUTIFUL and all themed out!  

The room themes were Lion King, Cars, Finding Nemo and the Little Mermaid.  There was a wall of sketches from the movies, some that made it in some that didn't.  That was neat to see.

How beautiful is check in at the hotel!! Everything was just beautiful the moment you arrived! Totally set the tone!

First Disney visit!

We LOVED seeing all the statues and decorations on the way to our room.

This is silly but I notice EVERYTHING!  I am very detail oriented and a little OCD.   Therefore I appreciate the little things.  I thought it was very tasteful that they covered their big ole whatever it is with beautiful manicured bushes.  Everything should be pretty in this world if you ask me :)

The view from our room

It's all about the special little details!

Brielle adored our room!! It was precious.  The whole resort was beautiful and well kept but the rooms were old and the beds were not cozy, but we could care less.  We are so not the travelers that need a nice place to stay, we personally think it's a waste of money when you merely sleep there.  So we were content with what we got and this was all about Brielle anyways and she thought it was awesome!

My handsome prince!

After we got settled into our room we headed out to explore.  We were so excited to show her the car themed area!  We kept everything a secret from her so she would be surprised when she saw it.

The chandelier in the entry of the main building.  Those are drawings from the movies.

We made our way to downtown Disney.  That place was so cool!  You think of Disney and how it is more for kiddos but they had a lot of stuff for adults as well.  I mean there were bars and beer in Downtown Disney, what more could a grown couple need lol :P

Brielle found the magic mirror.  You stand in front of it and it puts every princess dress on you including a wand and a headpiece.   The bibbidi bobbidi boutique was also in the same building but we skipped it.  That's where the girls can get their hair done, nails and makeup I believe.  I almost booked it but I'm glad we didn't,  it would have wasted a good two hours of our day.  Are Landon and I weird people cause we don't like adding on extras and feel that the basics are enough haha, I guess it's cause our parents never did when we were growing up so now we don't either.    It didn't hinder her time at Disney at all .  Now you know a little about how the Gann's function in this world :)  Maybe next time she goes we will do it.

Brielle had money saved up in her piggy bank, about $60 I think, so that was her spending money to use to buy toys.  The toys were actually not much more expensive than what you would buy at target, I was pleasantly surprised. 

So far Disney is the cutest place on earth!!  We stayed out way to late the first night but we were so excited! 

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