Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy 30th Birthday Natalie!

My cousin Natalie turned 30 this year!   My mom, aunt, cousin and his girl friend all took a trip to Houston for a couple days to celebrate with her.  

Our first stop was this adorable cafe. 

It's January and beautiful there!

Got my sangria, I'm happy!

Next we did a little shopping but first sprinkles cupcakes!

Natalie works at restoration hardware, the building was AMAZING!!!  We had to stop and check it out!

Look at the beautiful things God had designed.......

Next we were gonna go ice skating but it was crazy busy and it had been warm there that day so a part of the ice rink was melted (it was outdoors)  The ice rink was located in the cutest park so we just walked around there for a bit.

Since we were little Natalie was always the one we all wanted to play with!  She's fun and creative.  Honest and helpful.  She's serious when it comes to her work and darn good at it too.  She's not a planner and couldn't give you an idea of what she wants in the next 2 years to save her life lol.  (which makes us planners go bananas!) She is poised and classy.  When you get a drink in her she turns into a little girl and gets silly as all get.  I love her and I'm glad she's my cousin.  She would do anything for me in a heartbeat.

How cute is this light garden.  They changed every different color in a matter of seconds.

This was my absolute favorite part of the trip!! We ate at an authentic Italian restaurant.  We got a cheese tray which has put every other cheese tray to shame I've ever tired (cause non were authentic Italian so they didn't know what they were doing, as Natalie says "Italians do it best")

Then we ordered beets with goat cheese, flat bread with arugula and a baked root but cannot remember what it was.  This may sound gross to some but this is my kind of food!  I love authentic meals from around the world!  Everything was amazing by the way!  There was also a red wine risotto we couldn't get enough of, I think we ordered 3!  I swear I have craved this place everyday since eating there! Cannot wait to go back!

When I got home I had a sweet surprise waiting for me since my bday and Natalie's are only a day apart.

My bday is Jan 19 and Natalies is the 20th, Funny thing her brother/my cousins is May 20th and Landon's is May 21st.
How sweet is my hubby to decorate for me!  He's so thoughtful.

Brielle's homemade decor...

This thing was heaven in my mouth! I ate way too much that weekend if you can't tell.

I told him NOT to get me gifts but he didn't listen.

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