Monday, April 6, 2015

Friends and Kiddos

My friend Melodie had a baby the very end of December.  Hason and I got to spend a morning with them for a play date.  Lillian wasn't much for playing though ha.  She was sweet and I loved hearing her newborn noises but she didn't give me even an ounce of baby fever.  We are moving forward to the next chapter and content to do so :)

I met my friend Natalie at this really cool sushi restaurant.  It's a restaurant and club in one.

Warm sake... It wasn't the best, hard for me to drink... it was pretty stout.

Sweet boy and his animals, he's the cuddliest little boy.  Landon says it's pointless when he takes him to the park cause if he sees a squirrel or a bird that's all he wants to do is chase or try and catch it.  That's definitely my child!

Poor baby had a rash pop up outta nowhere.  It was kinda big, we have no idea where it came from.  He had shots a day before so maybe that.  We get vaccines but I'm still a little skeptical of them. I was leaving to Houston to celebrate my cousins birthday the next day so I was happy to see Benadryl do the trick!

We stopped and got a treat to share for my upcoming birthday since it was free and all, does anyone else get bombarded with emails for free food for their bday.  Too bad I'm on a fitness mission or I would have redeemed them all!

I took the kiddos to the park since it was a pretty nice day...

No more pictures mom!!!

Not so little in his daddies arms anymore :(

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