Thursday, November 17, 2016

Brielle's Activities

My baby bird.  She's so good.  So kind, always wants to do the right thing, a rule follower, a great friend, compassionate, intelligent, creative, loves Jesus, loves rainbows, adores her daddy, and has patience for her little brother beyond measure.  She is a pure joy, easy to raise, easy to mother easy to love.  

Out the door to her first public school event.  Movie on the lawn.

We had pizza, popcorn and watched how to train a dragon.  Little brother was very good :)

Student of the Week.  These little achievements sure make a parent so incredibly proud!

Toys, who cares...crafts are her thing.  She will sit at the table for hours drawing, coloring, cutting pasting and taping.  Wasting so much paper to her mothers dismay :)

I had to work during most of her little soccer games so I made sure to go to the practises.  I finally got to go to her last game.

And she scored a goal!!!!  The feeling you have when your child succeeds is like no other!!!

She is still attending Awana.  They have different themes ever so often and this particular night was "dress like your parent night"  Everyone died for our outfits :)

She has no problem volunteering and getting up in front of everybody.

What a special night I got to share with her.  I loved getting to see every part of what they do.  I'm so grateful to those volunteers that take time out of their own lives to speak truth and the word of Jesus over my child.  What a gift. 

They always take about 30 minutes to burn off steam and play games in the gym.

My first teacher parent orientation went very well.  Her teacher was so complimenting and said Brielle was perfect :)  Then she said "well not perfect but you know what I mean"  Yes I do, that you're really not supposed to say that but she's just that much of a joy to have in your class.  I get ya :) 

Here sweet writing.   To summarize it says if the scarecrow could trad his hat he would get a diamond so if the lights went you it would shine and lighten everything back up haha.  That's my girl! 

How'd we get so lucky.  I love her so much and appreciate what she brings to our family.  What a little lady.  

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