Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dallas Fair 2015

It's fair time!  Lucky for us Gannpa and Gigi were able to visit and join us this weekend. 
Look at how this fool parked, people are so dumb and amusing sometimes.  He's parked in the isle!? How did that happen lol.

Dallas Fair time!

Lucky us Gannpa, Gigi and Ashliegh all came with!
We had to watch the dog side show of course with all these dog lovers in the fam.  (check out the kid photo bombing them haha)

I adore this little area, it's a fake farm and the kids get to go through and do different stations like they would on a real farm.  Then at the end they get a treat with the money they earned for a hard days work.  

Petting zoo, my fave!

It was all a little much for Hason but he was so good the whole time.  

Love my people so much!  Anytime together is my favorite time!

I love me some steak n shake!

I'ma eat this here burger but first I mustache you a question.

Baby was tuckered out!

Since Landon and I missed the lighting of the floating light lanterns at Kaytie's wedding Randy kept a few for us to try at home.  We let them go in our church parking lot.  It was hard to get them lit and we were so scared we were gonna catch a tree in fire once they started floating away.  All was good though.

It's a joy to have the grandparents visit.  We so wish they would just pack up and move close. 

All Randy needs is his girlfriend Callie and he's just fine.

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