Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dark Hair Don't Care

Well I had had enough of the light hair and the upkeep and my hair had had with all the bleach.

After all the weddings I thought it would be a good time to color my hair since I did't have to be in anymore important photographs for a while.  I took a little trip to North Park mall inside Neiman Marcus.  I heard of a great salon there called Halcyon Day Salon and Spa.  It's where the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders get their makeovers done. 

I had to take Hason with me and he was soooo good! Two hours and he didn't make a peep!

Dark hair don't care!  Makes my eyes look much bluer!

Celebrated my new look with dinner alfresco.

Hason was a mess this night and literally fell out of his seat 3 times.  We were certainly parents of the year that night, how did we let him fall 3 times... we have no idea but after the last time we picked up our kids with heads hung in shame and left.  So much for our relaxing evening out.

See he's a mess!

Can't get enough of outdoor eating round here.

Just one of his typical fits.  It's been rough around here.

So Hason was already going through the terrible twos but it went to a WHOLE new LEVEL when I got back from Michigan.  I think it really messed him up having his mom gone for so long and he sure let me know it.   He was a total nightmare for about 3 weeks after.  The fits he was throwing were insane. I had to cancel all mommy and me classes we had signed up for and cease going to library time because he was so unmanageable.  It broke my heart because I cherished all of those things so much when Brielle was his age but it just wasn't worth the effort to take him anymore if he was going to make our outing so miserable.  We pretty much stopped going to anything from the time he was two to the time he was 2 1/2.

After leaving the gym one day when he had one of his unmanageable fits I noticed this outside the nursery the next day.  How embarrassing.  They have never ever had signs like this up in the past 2 years I've been going.  All because of Hason.  I was mortified.  Landon and I just don't know how to handle it and we take back anything we ever said about parents we'd seen out and about with unruly children. No matter how hard you try they will be who they are and Hason is tough right now.  He gets so mad about everything, we have to walk around on eggshells.  Spankings don't work, taking something away doesn't work, threatening doesn't work, redirecting his attention doesn't work. We just have to let him be and cry it out.  Have I mentioned the deafening high pitched scream he lets out and he can hold that pitch for a full 30 seconds.  It feels like your ears might bleed.  Fo real!
With all that said that boy does something to my heart nobody else can.  He's my baby and on his good days I want 10 more just like him :)

But that husband of mine knows just how to make me feel better.  Seriously, there was another time where it had been a hard week with Hason, so what does Landon do.  He gets on the computer to search for nannys who could come to the house and watch the kids from around 3 to 5 so I could get dinner and other things done without losing my mind.  He is the best!  Of course I declined his offer to bring in help cause this is my job and I know I can manage alone but still, he is so thoughtful and only wants to make my life easier.  

Then there is this sweetie bear who hasn't been trouble a day in her life.  I took for granted how well behaved she was cause I thought it was our awesome parenting skills that made her that way.  Then the second kid comes along and boom you realize they are born the way they are ha!

She had crazy hair day at Awana, that's why she looks like a quail in this picture.

Enough on tantrums, have I mentioned how much we love our Market Street United!?

And donuts before church if we can ever get there early enough!

Love these babes of mine.

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