Thursday, November 17, 2016

Here Comes The Bride!

Well here I am more than a YEAR later finally updated this dang blog.  I will not give up! My goal is to be caught up by the new year.  So please excuse all misspelling, typos and grammar issues you may see, I'm gonna go fast to get this done and over with!

The day is here!  I had the honor of riding with the bride to the ceremony.

And her brother had the honor of escorting her in.  Look how happy he is!

My Amos :)

I adored every single one of these ladies dresses! Everyone looked so beautiful,  Kaytie picked marvelous colors. 

The proud mommas.

Kaytie had a table set up in remembrance of all the grandparents who had passed away.  Extremely touching. 

Landon wore his special watch that Grandad left for him after he passed.  What a treasure. 

Bride groom dance.

Baby wanted to join in.

Aunt Emily had to show the kids some moves cause I don't have any.

Y'all... this reception was a PARTY!!!!  After my cousins wedding and reception I didn't think there could be another that was just as fun, but this one was!

Grammy, bless her innocent little heart, she was surrounded by her heathen grand kids and we thought it would be a good idea to have her try a little fireball for the first time....

Oh it kinda stings..


We all died, Brent really got a good laugh.

I'm lucky to have an extended family I love so much!

And a sister in law who's just like me in so many ways.  We couldn't get along better if we tried! 

Cake time, he was smart and didn't smash it in her face.

I adore my Emily, but then again who doesn't.

Halfway through the night we took the kiddos back to the hotel.  Grandmomma was sweet enough to keep them for us. 

Then back to the party to pick up where we left off.  Apparently we missed the release of the Chinese lanterns which I'm sure was beautiful! 

I always get heck for my selfie stick, until it's time to start taking pics, then everyone be like "HOORAY for selfie sticks"  

Who invited these two, they are so embarrassing lol!

Back at the hotel, the bride wasn't tired at all.

The whole long booth but he sits right by me.

What a blessed day with some of the people I love the most!  My heart is so full it could explode! 

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