Thursday, February 17, 2011

Family Fun

A few weeks ago we had a going away/birthday party for my sister in law Ashleigh. She is joining the Air Force and has started boot camp. We are so very proud of her and our prayers are with her!

This was her pre party going away lunch, Landon had to go out of town for work after lunch so we planned a lunch date so he could see Ash before she left.

Going away party......

Super stylish Kaytie, I wanted to steal her outfit so bad!

Brielle bustin a move,

Grammy and Aunt Carol

B enjoying her tuna sandwich

You can tell B really likes her aunt

Brielle's got Scooters tail haha

Before the big snow we made sure to get out for a couple of days! Saturday we had a day of shopping and park fun. Apparently nobody told us how pretty it was gonna be so while we were out shopping we decided we just had to take Brielle to the park, We were all a bit overdressed.

One of my favorite stores it the English Rose, they carry cute clothes at a great price for a boutique and they have a play area for kids and daddys with toys and a tv...keeps them occupied so therefore more shopping time for me haha, and my sister works there so that means family discount...score!!!

Daddy and B killing some time in the playroom while momma shops!

B got stuck in the bean bag haha, she was not happy!

Park time!

Leaving the park,look how happy she is, I'm gonna miss these days when she has know idea whats going on haha, one day this will be a picture of her crying, kicking and screaming to stay I'm sure.

We decided to let daddy go to academy so he could have a little shopping fun too, I guess it's only fair.

The next weedend the Corvette club was having a show so we just had to stop by (we swear we'll have one someday!)

I didn't get exactly what I wanted at the Corvette show but I guess these will do for now...yum!

Our little picnic lunch (chicken express) We only have one in town, & we could use a few more, and I totally know the exact family who needs to open them (you know who you are!) teehee!

My girls

We took B to the park to feed the ducks on sunday, we thought she'd love them cause she is always making duck sounds and pointing them out in the sky as they migrate by, she was a little scared. I gave her bread to feed them with but all she did was eat it herself haha.

Quacking away!

And Finally.... Landon got a promotion, he is now the Vice President of First Capitol Bank!!! WooHoo, Nobody deserves it more, he works hard and loves his job and co-workers.

The balloon Landon's co-workers got to welcome him to the "all girl" branch haha, quite fitting I would have to say. He used to work downtown but they wanted to get more customers going through their hillside branch so they moved him over there, It's only 3 minutes from home, how great is that!!!!

Setting up his new office, Congrats Babe! I'm sooo very proud of you!

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