Friday, February 11, 2011

SUYL Today is about beauty secrets. well I don't know if I have beauty secrets but this is what I do and use....

Hair- I only wash my hair about every 3 days! My hair is dry and so it doesn't' get oily at all! I also have very easy hair to work with, It has a lot of natural curl, but still straightens easy!!! I do get lots of split ends though so that stinks. I only go to the hairdresser twice a year! YUP only twice, I feel like going every 6 weeks is a scam for money! My cousin, sister and I all have very long hair and we all hate going to the salon cause nobody knows how to do or cut long hair!

Shampoo- I don't spend a lot of money on that, they all seem the same to me!, I do love using Chi's serum or silk therapy serum though!

I curl my hair not with a curling iron but a flat iron (CHI)

Makeup- I use bare minerals, Lancome definicils mascara, Lancome or victoria secret lip gloss. I like lip liners much better than lipsticks! My sister got me started on liquid liner, it sure does stay on better, and I'm currently growing in my eyebrows, there are too thin and apparently thin is out! I DON't tan my face! I also like crest white strips, they work great! : )


  1. I have heard SO MUCH today about bare minerals!!! I might just have to try it! Cute little family!! :-)

  2. I wish I had hair like yours- washing every 3 days would be so nice! Love your hair in your header pic.


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