Monday, February 7, 2011

Last year in my 20's

We started January off with my sister in law kayties birthday, we had a girls night out and it was sooo much fun! It's been a while since I laughed that hard!!!

My brother in law Colton likes to get behind a person he doesn't know and ususally doesn't' like and do a little dance and point real big at their heads without them knowing, It is soooo much funnier that it sounds when you see it, here is kaytie attempting the Colton pointy dance with this creeper haha and no he didn't see her! I totally did it to an old couple at sea world once cause they wouldn't move so people could get out of the isle haha!

Last but not least.......Happy 29th Birthday to ME!!!!
We had a low key party at my moms house. We didn't really do anything special but yet it was probably one of my favorite birthdays yet, I had sooo much fun handing out with my family!

B and Papa Lou

such a good mommy giving baby a drink


My FABULOUS red velvet ice cream cake

somebody was too lazy to get me a birthday candle haha, I guess a massive decorative candle will do : )

he thinks I'm heavy! come on! I'm smaller now that before I had a baby!

It totally looks like I have a bald spot here! My sister checked and checked after we took this pic and couldn't find one, must have been the hairspray separating it!

My sweet friends decide to surprise me at Frazzleberry for my B-day! I think I was the only person in Amarillo who hadn't been yet, it was GOOD! I totally had NO idea and felt soooo blessed to have such wonderful friends!!

My last party was at Landon's Grandmommys house, they are so sweet to always acknowledged everybody's bithdays and always make sure to have a birthday dinner!

Here is one of Grandmommys famous cookie cakes. She bakes one for everyones birthday and this time we had so many special occasions she had to squeeze it all into one, this is what it reads "happy bday Diana, Congrats Landon, and Safe Trip Kaytie" haha It was too cute of her to include all of our special moments ( Landon got a promotion and Kaytie was about to fly overseas to visit her boyfiend.)

cannot wait to try out this little guy!

I'm so sad this is the last year in my 20's, but you can still be cool and fun in your 30's right, you don't have to totally grow up right, cause me and my sisters are a silly bunch we are! And you don't have to dress like an old lady right, cause as long as you look like your in your 20's you can still dress that way! (or so I'm telling myself haha) Happy Birthday to ME!

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