Friday, February 4, 2011

Show Us Your Life (Kids Eat)

Show us your life at Kelly's Korner is what do you feed your kids? Brielle has always been a great eater. Now she's doesn't always eat well at every meal but as long as she has one really good meal a day I don't worry. I do not believe in feeding her fast food or any other junk until she's old enough to ask for it and wonders why every other kid eats it but her...even then I'm not sure I'll give it to her ha. Most the time I'll even make her dinner to take with us when we go out to eat...that saves us money and it's sooo much healthier for her!

MMMMMM rice cereal

I like my greens

Breakfast usually consists of a few of these, warm cup of milk, whole grain hot cereal, fruit, eggs, yogurt.

Her snacks pretty much consist of string cheese, cheerios, bananas, blueberries, whole wheat bread and yogurt, all organic if possible! (yes I buy organic cheerios, I'm a bit crazy when it comes to this stuff) She only drinks milk and water, I'm thinking about throwing some rice milk in the mix too. I still haven't given her honey or nuts, I'm too paranoid, I'll wait till she's 2 : )

Lunch and Dinner...Whatever we eat!

I also try not to make eating and meal time a big deal, meals shouldn't be a stressful time (the key word here is try, sometimes I do get frustrated) Also I always try to serve Brielle exactly what we eat, I've been around some moms who ask their kids what they they say pizza...then mom makes pizza, and guess what, the kid doesn't want pizza anymore they want a hot dog! Not in this house! How annoying would that be!

Eating a chicken avocado sandwich for the first time by herself

mom actually let me have some ice cream!!!

feeding myself yogurt for the first time, we need a lot of practice!

If she says "no" and I feel like she's eaten enough, which she usually has, I will stop. I don't want her to learn to overeat and keep going even when she is full. I also do that to show her that I respect when she says "no" and that it's not just an annoying word we say all the time that doesn't' have true meaning, that way she will hopefully respect it when mommy and daddy say "no", so far so good!


  1. You have a wonderful attitude toward mealtime and I wish more parents could have that ability to have that respect--she truly is a 'happy eater'! By the way I love your daughter's name and her eyes are amazing..I am sure you hear that all the time!

  2. I am so jealous! Emme wont even try solids. I think she is going to be eating baby food when shes five! ha! Love keeping up with your sweet family through your blog and YES stay away from peanuts for as long as possible, Mason had some when he was 18 months old and had a horrible allergic reaction and almost died. I. AM. SCARED. OF. NUTS. :) You are an awesome mama! Take care!


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