Monday, February 14, 2011

Pink Day!!!

I started Valentines kinda early around my house this year. It felt soooo bare after taking down the Christmas decor I just couldn't stand it, so while Landon was out of town one weekend I decided to make some valentines crafts.

and of course I had to glue some jewels on too!

I'm really liking wreaths lately and think I need one for every occasion now!

I needed something cute for my empty vase

My sister, mom and I have been getting together each week to watch the Bachelor. We figure that we probably won't all live in the same town forever and we really needed to take advantage of being together as much as we can. It was my week to host and so I made a Valentines dinner: Chicken spagehtti, Wine, and V-day Smores treats!

Landon and I are pretty low key about valentines, we don't do gifts, we might go out and eat but one of my good friends Kaci invited Landon and I to their church for a "second chance prom." We couldn't pass that up (It would be our 4 prom together ha) We all decided to dress 80's! I crimped my hair and bought a black velvet dress with HUGE sleeves, I also did the birds nest hahaha! I totally look like Mrs. Dugger in these pictures haha! Landon had on a ugly orangish sports coat, tie and some nasty loafer/tassel shoes! I had planned to take more pictures but of course my camera died and all we had were our phones, these pictures don't do the outfits justice, but then again nothing would ha!

It wouldn't be Valentines without the whole family involved! Doesn't Neely look ADORABLE! (don't worry it's only kool-aid and some food coloring) I like to tell Landon that she always gives u warm fuzzys on the inside and out (because of all the hair on our clothes ha) Love that little dog!

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  1. I think we need to live together so we can hang out with our babies and do crafts all day!! I made a wreath for my classroom too!!! I already have my Easter one planned but haven't started yet :) I loooooove what you did with the empty vase!!


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