Wednesday, August 17, 2011


One of my sweet friends had been sick so I took her daughter Maddie for a couple of hours so she could get some rest. They played so well together and had so much fun!

I guess their new clubhouse is Dozer's dog house

We hardly ever buy Brielle toys, in fact I don't know if she's even gotton anything since her birthday. She was due time for some new fun things to play with!

So many bubbles, I can't see!

Little B also go some play dough, I was hoping it would be somewhat educational since it came with shape makers and what not.

Cheese, posing with her Elmo and Big Bird play dough finger puppets

kissing her play dough. I think she really wanted to put it in her mouth but this was her way of trying to act like she wasn't' haha

So in love with that little smile!

Brielle loves the water so when the water tables went on sale at toys r us we just had to get her one! Here she is trying to help dada put it together, Neely helped out as well of course

Even 27 year old guys love it!

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