Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I don't even know, if I was Neely I'd bite him! But she loves him the most for some reason.

Pound it! or Bump it! Aunt Kaytie taught her that and she loves to do that with anyone she meets!

Playing with the train at Hastings, we needed some new books

Woo hoo Jackpot! Do you see the American Eskimo book I found, I just had to get it, I'll never find another one because that breed of dog isn't very popular. Oh and it's the sweetest little book about how parents love their children so very much!

She's like "hey that looks like NEENEE aka Neely" ha!

I forgot to post about the sweet little dove I found. Brielle and I were on our way to the mall when I almost ran over the poor bird, he was sitting right up against the curve and looked scared as could be. I had to stop and take him home, I couldn't bare to leave him on that hot pavement in 100 degree weather, I would have worried about him for days, the first thing he did when we got home was take a big gulp of cold water, bless his heart! He is doing much better now and hopping around more, still has that broken leg though.

Look what Landon just had to buy Brielle! She's pretty darn good actually and has always hit the ball and not the T, impressive if I do say so myself!

See how close she got to the T but didn't hit it! I'm a proud mommy!

She decided to try it with a tennis ball, I love this pic cause of how Neely was just waiting to catch it, the perfect game for those two to play!

She thinks she's sooo funny scattering all the recyclables around!

Little booger picking my shashoos aka flowers

My agility dog!

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