Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Uneventfull weekend, or so we thought

Well Landon and I thought we had cleared this weekend out for potty training but obviously that didn't happen, Brielle looks like you're gonna be in diapers until your parents no longer have a social life haha!

Friday night my mother in law Teresa had a pure romance party, of course I had to attend with good food and fancy drinks being served!

Love this lady!

My fun purchase! Guess you'll never know!

Saturday the English Rose needed someone to fill in so I happily volunteered! And guess who I got to work with!!! Loved it!

Saturday night Landon and I had a benefit to attend and look who happened to ride by us, well if it wasn't Randy Gann himself (my father in law) .....he looks awfully handsome on his motorcycle don't ya think!

Little B got to spend an evening with her Nonna.

First Captial Bank helped sponsor "Rope for the Cure" on Saturday night. It was benefiting children with type 1 Diabetes, so sad I cried through the whole video they showed us, Thank you Lord for a healthy child!

Best family owned bank in town!

Brad, Kenneth (Kenny bear) and Landon

Crystal and I had fun picking out the horses we would want, one girl had glittery tinsel in her horses mane and a blinged out harness....totally my style!

Me and Crystal

I had to take a picture of this!!!!!! Yes this was actually an auction item, and I really wanted to sign Landon up, it's gonna happen sooner or later!

They had ribs for appetizers and the meat just fell off the bone, and steaks for dinner, soooo delish!

They thought they'd take Brad out and put him on a horse since he called the other bank table the "old people" table, he wasn't to excited about being on that horse..............

but Crystal sure was hahaha, that face is priceless!

The Banks mission statement, and it is all sooooo true! Landon loves, loves, loves his job and the people he works with! They are some of the nicest people and christian people at that, his boss does an hour devotional every morning before work and we pray before meals at bank functions. I am so happy he likes his job because I would feel bad getting to spend so much time at home with my baby if Landon didn't like where he worked. Thank you Jesus for that blessing and his wonderful work environment! They've changed our lives because of the way they treat my husband, I love this bank so much!

We actually sighned up for a silent auction item, It's for the kids why not!

I won!!! I won!!! It was a candle and gift certificate to this cute little home decor shop in Canyon that one of my sorority sisters owns called "Thompsons". YAY!

Sunday night we had our monthly girls get together but one 3 of us could go, still a lot of fun though. We had planned on going to zest but they closed down, so then it was rain but they aren't opened on Sundays so we decided on the new plaza, well when we got there they had already closed! (apparently we were not meant to eat that night) soooo we went to hummers instead, which I liked better than any of the others cause we got to sit on the patio!

What the heck!

Didn't want to get too close in case it was still alive (Don't let the picture fool you...that thing was alive once, it's arms were so nasty!)

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