Friday, August 5, 2011

The Market

This past week my mom wanted me to drive her literally to the other end of town (kinda scary over there I'd have to say) to a very different supermarket than we are used to. I loved it though, when we were little we used to walk across town and go to these types of places all the time. They had so many different things it felt like we were in a different country, I mean there was a whole isle of just different types of dried mushrooms, wish I knew how to cook half of what I saw, wish I knew what half of what I saw was haha.

Aloe Vera leaves and Cactus leaves...weird

What is all this stuff and why does it smell so funny in here mom!

Bamboo shoots

I have no idea what this is, but they had it in a blue bell freezer, That ain't no ice cream!

GROSS! Chicken feet with the bone in.....and toe nails ugh!! I can hardly look at this picture!

Oh that's why it smells so funny in here!

Look at those huge baskets, the metal containers to the right of them are what my abuelito used to carry his lunch in to work, it has different compartments for the different foods you want to take along. They had some HUGE pots too that I have only seen on the discovery channel that people use in the jungle to feed their tribes, it's crazy to think that people still cook like that right here!

While we were there we had to make our way over to visit my sister!

This is what I scored, Yucca root(tastes kinda like potato and is cooked the same too, Brielle loved it) Shrimp flavored chips(my mom use to buy us these when we were little and I love them, they are better than they sound) some mexican candy, banana chips and best of all Mamonsillos! I have not had those since we were sitting on the beach in Cartagena Colombia 15 years ago! It's just a fruit, you peel off the outside and eat the fruit except for the big seed inside. I tell ya though those things will stain your clothes forever with a weird gray color.
Landon though I was weird for being so excited about all my stuff but hey he married a Colombian so this is what he can expect from time to time and yes I made him try it all!

And last we had an accident this week, what a bloody mess.....of lipstick that is!


  1. That's awesome you went to to that market! I had NO idea something like that existed in Amarillo,TX! I love expanding my horizons and culinary skills for that matter...I may have go with you sometime! ;) I don't have an ounce of Colombian or anything Latin in me, so you'll have to help me out! Ha!

  2. I've been looking everywhere for a place to buy yucca root and fresh fish but I could only find information in your blog. So I beg you can you please please please tell me the address to this Market?????

  3. Hi, I've been looking everywhere a place where I can buy yucca root and fresh fish and in your blog was the only place of information I could find somewhere that actually exists. So now I'm begging you can you please please please tell me what's the address to this market?


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