Monday, August 15, 2011

Just us girls!

This morning I decided we were going to stay in our pj's all day and just play and clean. We love to go go go and so does B but sometimes I get concerned that we are training her to always need to be doing something and going somewhere and to not be content just being at home, so we're gonna work on doing nothing more often haha!

This has got to be one of my all time favorite pictures, Brielle looks like a teenage girl posing in a picture with all her girlfriends haha!

They may not be blood sisters but they are sisters alright! Brielle even bosses Neely around and gets mad at her when she does't do what Brielle wants her to do.

Don't worry, she didn't' actually kiss her

Neely's all time favorite game, she would play ball till she couldn't breath anymore if we let her!

If you look closely you can spot someone trying to sneek onto the computer in the background

Cuddling on the bed and watching some Barney

We did manage to go bowling though (acutally Brielle hated bowling, she enjoyed putting the pins back in the case and then taking them out over and over again...she does the same with crayons)

My computer was acting up so I wasn't able to post these until now

Daddy's home, It's somersault time!

I wish he could stay home with us all day!

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