Sunday, December 7, 2014

Black Friday!

OMG was Black Friday so fun this year.  I had no intentions of buying anything nor did I have my eye set on any sale items.  My sister, Emily and I all met up for coffee and then hit the mall.  We got a front parking spot and the mall was so not busy.  We only went to a few stores but I had the best time with the both of them.  We all found some really cute clothes and good deals so it was a win win.  

Kasey's a little plump this year so she had to be the "O" baaahaaa!

Oh my handsomeness!

After the mall Me, Landon and Gannpa took the kids to the park. I have been trying to find a super dark lipstick like the one Khloe Kardashian wears for a while. Not black but almost with some deep red coloring. I finally found the perfect shade at Mac!!  It's actually a lot darker than in this picture, I'm so excited.

Throwing a fit over who knows what....

Hason sat so still the whole time, mainly eating the bread.  I even caught Landon eating the bread. "He said he wanted to remember what real bread tastes like"  Ok that is so not real bread!

Hmmm is there anymore for me......

Look at those guys all in a line, so cool.

Hason trying really hard to catch a "gogo"

There was on beautiful swan on the water and two little black ducks with white bills!!! They are called Coots, how cute is that, I want one! They would match my house decor so well! 

Randy and I got to feed the swan right outta our hands.

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