Thursday, December 4, 2014

I Met Jessica Simpson!!!

So I follow Jessica Simpson on Instagram and we are friends on facebook, fo real :)  I saw a post a couple weeks ago that she and her sister would be making an appearance at Belk in the Galleria in celebration of her bedding line.  I can't tell you how thrilled I was, I had already missed one appearance she made a while back.  It hadn't hit me till then that I would have these types of neat opportunities living here in Dallas.  I feel so lucky to live here and we can't get enough of this city!  My friend Natalie was totally on board with me and said she would come with.

While turning into the mall to enter the parking garage, a car, two cars behind us did a one eighty and rammed right into the Galleria sign!  

I didn't think the line was that long.  We got there right when it started and were the last ones in line for a while.  I was surprised there weren't more people there.  Landon read somewhere they were 500 people so I guess that was a good crowd.

Of course Jessica was an hour late but it was an added bonus that she had her kiddos and hubby with her!

Landon gathered up all my cd's for me to take and have signed but they didn't let us take anything to the table with us, luckily they had pictures they were autographing for the fans so I got to take those home!
She was so real and sweet, Ashley was much bubblier than Jessica but were both so kind.  I was just a little excited to see the wrinkles under Jessica's eyes, she's a millionaire and can't get rid of them.  I guess that's either comforting or depressing cause that means there's no hope for the rest of us lol.
I know there are some that think it's totally lame I was this excited to meet Jessica Simpson.  But just take a minute and think about the one person you would love to meet and you've wanted to meet your whole life.  Well she is my person, you can imagine what this meant to me. I was elated!

What the heck do you say to your "person?"  My sister said "don't cry Diana, cry before but not while talking to her" haha, good advice.

I said to them "You have no idea what a joy it is for me to get to meet you two!  I love you long time"  Yes I said that and I did get a laugh :)  I told them that my whole family was praying that I actually got to meet them, and is it silly to pray for that.  Jess said "No, all I have going through my head all day are prayers, we are praying people too"  Ashely told me I looked great and they didn't just shake my hand they reached out both arms and took my hands in there's like we already knew each other.  Big check off my bucket list!

See, they do know me, we are real friends ;)

I look awful here and super big in that vest, but whatever, I got to meet the Simpsons!!! AAAHHHH! I held it together but may or may not have cried a little after walking away, that was A LOT of emotion for this highly sensitive girl to process lol.

I'm glad I had sweet friends to share this experience with me.  The other fun part was my sisters, my mom and Landon's reactions when I called and told them.  It's not like I met the president or did anything important but they were soooo excited cause they know what this was to me.  Sherryann and Kasey screamed and demanded all the photos be text to them.  It was one of the best days!

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