Saturday, December 13, 2014

They see me rollin.

Landon and I are sports car kind of people.  Always have been always will be.  It's quite annoying not being able to drive the type of car you really want.  Yes first world problems we know.  Landon's been wanting a new car to drive to work for a while, something with a little better gas mileage, maybe a small Honda or something.  I disliked that idea.  He doesn't have a long commute but it's a commute.  Get something you will love driving right, who cares about practicality!   I HAVE to drive an SUV for the babies, if not for that I'd be in a sports car too!  So he finally decided ok, I'm getting a sports car.   He found this beautiful sliver convertible GT Mustang.  Landon, my cousin Derrick and I  checked it out the day after we got back from Amarillo.  They actually let us come and test drive it on a Sunday!   Landon was in love, it was so clean and well kept.  I was beside myself that he wanted a convertible.  He used to think they were chick cars but after moving here and seeing everyone who drives them he's changed his mind.  Convertibles are more fun!  

Two days later we picked that bad boy up and it was ours!  We are both so thrilled we can't even stand it!!!  Only thing we need to do is put a muffler on it cause it's just not quite loud enough for our liking.

 He deserves this more than you will ever know.  EVERYTHING he does or spends his money on is for me and the kids.  He takes such good care of us.  He makes sure we have all we need and makes sure I have all I want.  He even told me that a while ago he pondered getting a convertible eclipse (like the one I drove before having Brielle)  to drive to work so I could have it on the weekends cause he knew how much I missed that car.  He's so selfless and so giving and puts himself last.  It's about time he does something for himself.  I just wish I could have bought it for him!  I'm beside myself happy for him.  He couldn't wait to drive to work that week haha. 

AWE, it's such a beauty, we've already been cruising in it a couple times with the top down and 90's rap playing :)  Never again will we be without a sports car!

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