Saturday, December 6, 2014

Austin Family Thanksgving 2014

I love the change of pace the Holidays bring and having my girl home with me for a week!

I miss getting to lounge around with her on the weekdays!

Off to Amarillo we go.  Every other year we are spending Thanksgiving in Amarillo as well as Christmas.
Elsa and Brielle enjoying their movie.

Everyone was thrilled that Kaytie was waiting for use when we arrived.

She got to rock both babies at the same time, it was hilarious and she had them rolling!

Ashleigh couldn't get off for the holiday so Gigi went down to San Antonio to be with her.  We were sad to not see her but totally understand, nobody should be alone for the holidays.  She left the kiddos some gifts and cards.  She also made us our favorite deviled eggs! She takes such good care of us always.

We brought the Eskimo with us this time.  I shaved her before we left cause that hair is outta control right now.

First Thanksgiving was lunch at Landon's aunts house.
Nick and Allie have always always played so well with my kiddos.  Brielle just adores them!

Getting her late birthday present, they couldn't have done any better... a princess coloring book and a frozen plate and cup set, this girl was HAPPY.

We also celebrated Nonna's and Aunt Alphas birthdays.

Very thankful that Grandad was happy and healthy this year and could spend the holiday with us!  Last year around this time he found out he had cancer.  He's come such a long way, strongest man I know.

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