Saturday, December 6, 2014

Getting Ready For Christmas!

I couldn't wait any longer!  It's not even December but I wanted some Christmas cookies!  These were amazing and will now be my usual Christmas cookies along with my crinkle cookies. 
They are made out of cake mix, oreos, peppermint candies and chocolate chips. They were so soft, Lord knows I hate a hard cookie!

This guy, he has a thing for headbands and scarves haha.  I put this on his head and he wore it for a good 30 minutes, he felt so beautiful in it lol.  I will only let this fly for a little while :)

Starting to look like Christmas, I was over my old wreath so I redid it this year and am in love!  I wish the picture was better, I'm so ready for a new phone with a better camera.

I finally finally finally ordered us all custom stockings! I have been wanting to do this since Brielle was born but they are expensive and Christmas is already an expensive time of year.  Brielle has never had her own stocking,  I don't think she's scarred from it so that's good :)
Next year I'm getting all our names on them! YAY!

 My tree stand broke last year (cause people are idiots and think it's a good idea for a heavy tree to have a plastic base) I totally forgot that it had broken.  There was a tough plastic fused to the tree pole and I couldn't use the temporary stand I bought until that came off.  A hammer didn't work since it was such a hard plastic so I came up with the brilliant idea to run it over with my car a couple times, and it worked!  I refuse to buy a tree not on sale so I rigged it up real good with a temporary stand, stuffing some napkins in there to keep it from swaying and some bolts shoved in there too, to hold it steady lol.  Oh and a paint can with a rope tied from it to the tree to keep it from leaning, don't worry I put the paint can in a Christmas bag so it looks like a gift under the tree.  I'm a very determined person when I want something and I usually figure out a way to make it work in my favor.  My mom always taught me "Que no me van a ganar!!"  

My tree still looks pitiful, so many ornaments have broken over the years.  After the holidays I will be buying a taller tree and next year new ornaments! 

Brielle is always thrilled to put up her tree.  Hason will hopefully get one next year.  The rule in my house is "you get your own Christmas tree when you're potty trained cause I need the changing table to set it on" 
And maybe that will give a stubborn potty trainer some incentive :)

I wanted to get our house spic and span before we left for Thanksgiving in Amarillo, as well as all our Christmas stuff up.  I refuse to come home from a vacation to a less than clean/perfectly in order home.
  We had a beautiful day for putting up lights except for the wind, Landon and I put up the lights and the kiddos played with chalk and bubbles. 

Hason was real nervous about Santa.  He liked him but only from afar.

This kid and headbands....

He was real proud he got it around his neck

Little honey had her Thanksgiving party at school a couple weeks ago.  I made a turkey kabob. The kids loved it and ate all of them!  I guarantee they only ate the fruit cause it looked like a turkey, if I had brought it in a bowl they would have had nothing to do with it lol.. oh kids.

They did a little program then we got to eat a big lunch together.

What a cutie!!!!!!

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