Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter #1 of 2011

We started off Easter with the Gann family. Hotdogs, Strawberry short cakes and Brielle egg hunting were the festivities of the night! She had sooo much fun hunting those eggs.... She would point at them when she found one and say EGG! She wouldn't take her basket with her she would bring the eggs to the basket haha!

So excited about the rabbit great grandma Dorothy got her

OOOOooo I spotted one everybody!!!!

opening all her goodies from her Gigi and Gannpa

I love Teresa and Randy soooo much! They always try to make everything so very special for Brielle!!! And they're soooo funny too, they both crack us up all the time, we have the best of times together!

Notice neither landon nor Brielle are wearing their white shirts. They both got straberry juice all over themselves and I had to wash both of their shirts off in the sink so it wouldn't stain....what am I gonna do with these two!

When I noticed it on Landon's shirt I switched directly into mommy mode, without thinking I started trying to take it off for him, He lifts his arms in the air and after an awkward minute of me struggling to get it off, we both looked at each other and said "what the heck are we doing" haha, I was totally treating him like a little kid and he was just standing there with his arms up letting me hahaha, too funny!

I have looked everywhere for bright colored shoes (that weren't 6 inch heels) and can't find any I like that aren't $80.00 so I got fed up and decided to make my own. our easter colors are orange and green. My dress is a little boring so I needed some cute accessories.
I got these shoes at goodwill barely worn for $3.00

Mod podged them and made a clip on bow.....TAAADAAA!!! Perfect orange shoes for five dollars and forty cents! yay!

Brielle's boring $1 Easter hat before (I had already added the orange ribbon).....

Brielle's stylish Easter hat after.......

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