Friday, April 15, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Easter!

Dinner at Hummers last weekend, Love my sweet friends

I'm just now putting up pictures of my Easter decor but I've had it up since March haha!

I found these little chicks and just died for them, my mom used to buy these for us when I was little, who knew they were still around, every time Brielle see's them she says "peep, peep, peep" adorable!

Tuesday the feed store got in their Easter pets, I was sooooo excited, way more than Brielle was or maybe ever will be, I love animals!!! Landon even said I could get one, but I made a very adult decision for once and decided right now was not the time for me to get a duck, but I will in a few years!!!

I can't stand having my pets live outside or caged up, I want them inside as part of the family, so I found duck diapers online and they were kinda pricey and we are trying to watch what we spend and a duck is an unneeded expense right now, but sweet of Landon to say yes!

Are these REAL mom?!

Kissing the metal tub. Just great, wonder how many germs she got from that!

She was very sweet to the duck

I tried a new recepie this week, turned out pretty yummy, Stuffed Fillet Mignon and brown rice/spinach balls.

After dinner we tried out B's new ice cream holder, We gave her a blueberry/raspberry shobert popsicle, she loooved it!

Had my bath and ready for bed!

This is random but who has ever seen a dog climb a ladder!!! Well we have, I believe Neely thinks we are going to move into the attic and not take her with us. Obviously she refuses to be left behind! Silly dog!

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