Saturday, April 9, 2011

Party, softball and date night

After a super busy weekend our week has been about the same, we've had something planned every night...
softball, monday
small group, tuesday
visit aunt cindy after surgery, wednesday
papa lous b-day, thursday
date night, firday
boys poker night and girls night out, saturday
small group, sunday

Dunder Mifflin's first softball game of the year

B seemed to have a good time, this is the first time she's been since she was crawling and had to sit in a stroller or lap the whole time.

Play date with the Reagans

Get out of my way James, we have to work on our manners

we went up stairs to check out the big kid area, Brielle took off!

This is the tallest slide I'd ever seen! I took B down on it and I screamed the whole way! It was pitch black and you didn't know if you were up or down! By the time we made it to the end we were both laying on our backs, I had lost a shoe and had a mini heart attack!

Watching children songs on youtube

She loves the jack in the box that Great Grandma Dorothy gave her, she can turn it and make the clown pop out and stuff him back in to start over all by herself now!

about to head to the mall then Papa Lou's Birthday party

Dad, what's taking so long

are you still in there?

Chad, one of my favorite express employees/friend!!

Landon hit the jackpot!!!

Happy Birthday Papa Lou!!! We love you very much!!

First ponytail haha

Telling Auntie Ann to SHHHHHH!

Whoops, slipped and got it in the nose hahaha!

Sweetest thing I've ever seen


About to head to Gigi and Gannpa's so we could have a date night!

Waiting outside of Carolinas mmmmm

Lights off Golf

Time to pick up or Love!

I just want to take her everywhere with me, I miss her so much when she's not around.

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