Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter #2 2011

This is a picture overload, I took about 400 pictures this Easter weekend (holy cow) I know, but now that I have had Brielle I know how quickly life passes us by and I don't want to miss a moment of it. I feel if I capture it on film I can remember all these blessed memories forever! Life is too short, and I'm loving every second of this precious, blessed, beautiful life God has so graciously given me!

(my whole family is kinda crazy for pictures cause everyone wants a picture with everyone else ha,)

On our way out the door to church

He's my dream come true!

Daddy and Brielle 6 months old Easter 2010

Daddy and Brielle 1 1/2 years old Easter 2011.

Me and my sweet love!

Me and B Easter 2010

Easter 2011

After church we went over to my moms house to celebrate Easter #2

Peep Mosas!!! Yum!

Easter Brownies

Brielle is obsessed with watering her little tree in my moms backyard, she will go back and fourth 300 times a day getting water to pour on it hehe

Clapping her hands cause Lita brought her Easter present out

Yay my very own watering can

Aunt kitty playing with B's spiffy toy she got her,there are two hand held glove things that have velcro on them and you toss a little stuffed easter bunny back and fourth and try to catch it, and it sticks to the velcro, super cute!

Thanks for the cool shades Aunt Kitty, they'll match my swimsuit

big pink bunny from Auntie Ann

Mack checking out his Easter basket, It wouldn't be a proper holiday if at least one of the dogs didn't get a present!

Mom and Yasmin about to hide the eggs for us (yes us...the really old big kids) It doesn't get much better than stripes and polka dots

My sweet family Easter 2010

Easter 2011

On the hunt!!!!

Shern and James

And shes OFF.....

Papa Lou and Uncle Mark

Everyone counting their eggs and checking out their prizes, Ages range from 15 to 29, I wonder when our parents will decide that we are too old to hunt easter eggs haha!

I got $12 in my eggs!

Love my husband, He is so good to me and such a wonderful father! I could not ask for more in a man!

Sweet little bottom!

Love having sisters!

Always leave a space open for Colt!

Can you tell who loves Jesus the most?! ha!

He is risen!

She's got to get an Easter kiss from someone!

Aunt Natty

The Robersons : )

B with Aunt Kitty

Caught the cutest bunny today!

My Easter bunny 2010

My Easter bunny 2011

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