Saturday, April 30, 2011

My baby is 1 1/2!!!

My sweet Baby (toddler) girl turned 1 1/2 yesterday!!! Wow, what a wonderful year and a half it has been! I have loved every moment of being this little girls mother!!! What sheer joy she brings to our lives, I just want to hide her away and keep her little forever! And have I ever mentioned how ecstatic I still am to have had a girl!!! Thank you God for a healthy baby! Happy year and a half birthday love of my life!

year and a half ago

one year ago

6 months ago


Brielle you are 1 1/2 what are you up to........

*You can say 61 words and have put a couple of them together like "brush teeth"(yes we are crazy and have kept up, I wanted to post them all on here but decided that's a bit much and just leave it on our Microsoft word document ha)
*You weigh 23.4 lbs (35th-40th percentile)
*You are 32 3/4 in long (90th percentile) ha who knows where that comes from
*Your head is in the 50th percentile
*You have 12 teeth (never made a peep when you were teething)
*you can put your socks on all by yourself but it takes a lot of like to practice this in you crib before you lay down and take your nap.
*anytime you see a person under the age of 20 you point and say "baby"! wonder what that makes you haha?
*you eat with a spoon and fork really well and get irritated when we try to help you along
*You get super excited to see your dada
*You looooove to go outside and contantly ask too,you know not to go to past the end of the driveway
*You can’t go down a slide by yourself just yet, but you do like to go down on your tummy....update, one week later you did go down all by yourself sitting down!
*You love to wear shoes and try to put ours on your feet
*You have been a pretty easy baby since you turned 6 months old, you will throw a fit here and there but nothing drastic (unless we make you come in from playing outside ha) We still haven’t seen the terrible 2’s creep up yet.
*You are sooo busy and constantly moving, but you really don't get into anything or put things in your mouth anymore
*You love to help! You help me put groceries away in the fridge(your job is to put the veggies in the bottom drawer)
*You help put the clothes in the dryer and love to throw the fabric softener sheets in there and close the door
*You throw away your own pee pee diapers, banana peels and you help pick up your toys
*You absolutely love your praise baby dvd’s and worship dvd’s
I am totally against tv till you turned 2 but with having to do breathing treatments we had to find something to keep you still and calm. After your afternoon nap I’ll give you a snack while I cook dinner and you will sit and watch your praise dvd while I cook dinner, then we all go outside to play
*You still face backwards in your carseat (mom and dad are too scared to turn you around just yet)
*you have finally warmed up to all of your great grandparents and even though we don't see them much you don't get scared of them anymore
*your a pretty careful girl and like to ask for help(in the most sweetest little voice I might add) anytime you think you can't do something yourself

year and a half Dr's Apptoinment

look at the way she looks at her daddy!

Mouth full of crackers

This isn't so bad

Oh My Gosh!!! Yes it is! (Bless her heart, after the shots the nurse said have a good day and bye to us and through the crying and tears Brielle waved and said "bye bye" haha it was precious, so polite.

My angel on earth!


6 months old

12 months old

18 months old

It's gets harder and harder to get a good picture of this crazy girl!

I am so over this mom!

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  1. I can't believe it!! What a beautiful little girl she is!!!


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