Sunday, July 31, 2011

While dads away the girls will shop!

Friday night some friends of ours invited us out to eat at where else but NAPOLIS, I've been there every weekend for 4 weeks in a row now but I love it! They were running a 5k in the morning and wanted to fill up on carbs. We filled up to but didn't do any running the next day ha!

The band is sooooo good and they sing a really great variety of songs that everybody likes!

Cute little fountain in the corner with a table for two if your in the mood for a romantic night

Landon went out of town again for a training so what else are we supposed to do as girls but shop! Dillard's had an excellent sale that day too!

I've decided I need a mom swimsuit. All my swimsuits are pretty little and sometimes I just want to jump around and play with Brielle and not just lay out, It's nice to not have to worry about anything showing or falling out haha! This is the one I bought and I just love it....but I don't plan on turning in my bikinis till I'm 60!

It seems that anytime I go out of town Landon gets all excited cause he gets to order his favorite pizza: pizza hut meat lovers, stuffed crust with jalapenos.....well I find myself doing the same but mine is from papa murphys, chicken, garlic, spinach and sun dried tomatoes yum it's my favorite! Haha cracks me up that we don't get what we want till the other one goes out of town! It's the only perk when he's gone.

Brielle has started singing she is doing "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed" She likes to sing it in this high little voice, then whisper it and then sing it in her normal voice and do it all over again, high voice, whisper, normal voice haha. I could just eat her!

She also like a song that says "oh bring back my bonnie to me to me" She will say really excitedly "BRING BACK" "BRING BACK" and that's it haha
She's bumping her head in this picture hence "one fell off and bumped his head"

Saturday night we took Lita to Frazzleberry

After a little ice cream we took B to the park to run off some energy

Hello down there!

pretty good at catching her with only one arm

B saw a little girl climb this and she thought she would try it out too, I love watching her interact with other kids. I have to watch her though cause she did try to swat the other little girl away at one point. I think she needs a sibling ha!

My parents planted a garden in their backyard complete with PUMPKINS! Here is Papa Lou fishing one out for Brielle, I've decided I'm going to plant a garden when we get rid of that big dog, I use a lot of veggies when I cook and it would save us a lot of money I think and best of all it would always be organic!

Abner my sweet little babe

Brielle was a little jaundice when she was born and had to supplement with like 4 of these bottles, my mom of course kept one for memories and she still lets Brielle use it from time to time, ha that kid is way too old for that bottle!

UH OH, caught in the middle of a fit!

In case you noticed my mom does not have a weird looking leg, that's Abner's head in the bottom right hand corner haha

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