Friday, September 21, 2012


Mom finally made it home from her 3 month stay in Colombia.
 I'm glad she got to go visit family and see her dad.  I didn't go of course but I stole her pictures cause I loved them so much.
I just love this picture!
 They spend a lot of time at the mall
 My aunt Mireya and Mom

 My cousin Lizeth.
 Some famous Sculptor donated all these fat naked statues.

 How nice!
 Another mall

 Colombian sausage.

 Beautiful old church

 This lady is making arepas.  Holy cow I remember these from 16 years ago, they are so good and can't find anything like them here!
 One of the worst things about going on vacation is finding something you love to eat and only getting to have it every dozen years or so...or never again : (

 Mireyita lives right by the mall in Medellin.  Here is a picture of it.  I don't believe they have air conditioning so during the day they open up the roof (like the cowboys stadium) to let in the cool air,
 you can see it here.......

A close up.......
 This is my Grandpa/Abuelito or Lito as we call him.  He is 86 years old! You'd never know it!

 Mom took this one just for me!

 My grandpa is so handsome......and 86.......and he's not all gray!!!! Hope I get those genes!

 This tall building here is where my mom's house used to be. The fountain is new, it didn't exist back then.
 This is the home that was across the street from my moms house when they were kids.  Somehow it's still there.  She said hers looked a lot like this one but only a one story.  She said she always wanted to go inside this house....the people had a horse and carriage!

 My cousin Oscar.

 My cousin Adriana and her boyfriend.

 Adriana and her daughter.

 Oscar is Mireya's son.

 Mom and my Uncle Hernando

 My cousin Jorge at his graduation.  We are so happy and proud of him.  He has been really sick this year. They thought he had some kind of cancer but found out it was a immune system attacking type disease.
  He is doing much better now thank the Lord!

 So happy he's much healthier now, we said a lot of prayers for this guy!

 My mother missed her flight back to Amarillo the day she was supposed to fly back.  The first flight back she could get after that was a week later! Apparently the airlines there were very busy because of a flower festival that was going on.  All of this is real flowers!

Mom took this picture for Kasey.....High Heel completely made of flowers!

 More flowers, so beautiful!

 Yoga in the park.
Mom got to teach a couple of times and they were all disappointed when she had to go home.

All in all mom had a great trip but we are glad to have her back.  I was afraid she's find her a Colombian boyfriend and never return ha!

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