Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top Golf

Landon and I had our first date night in 3 months!  I surprised him with a night at top golf.  
I can be a cool wife sometimes.

 Our fancy dinner, chicken waffles with jalapeno gravy and syrup!
 I was really impressed with the place.  The wait was about an hour and a half. I had planned on us eating there so that wasn't a big deal.  Even if we weren't planning on killing time with eating, they had plenty of things to keep you busy while you wait.  
Like giant beer pong lol!!!
 Or giant connect four!!!
 or this bean bag game (I forget the name)

 There are two levels and we got to play on the 2nd story which in my opinion is way cooler!

I actually hit some pretty good balls!  We had so much fun!(I know I totally didn't wear the right golfing shoes, I was excited to dress up for our date night!)


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    1. I know! I've been dying to take landon ever since you told me about it! You gave me the idea!!


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