Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Moving In

Move in day.  We hired movers to move us in for 3 hours.  It wasn't enough.  We still had to go to my moms apartment and get all her stuff.  Exhausted doesn't begin to explain it!

I was very pleased with our move, nothing got broken!!! Wahoo!  The worst thing that happened was my candles melted.  I don't think it happened in storage. I think it happened the two days our stuff was just sitting in the U Haul waiting for us to close on this darn house!! Mad me so mad, these are Tyler candles! Not cheap! Any who, I'm gonna make them use throwing away good smelling wax! 
(I put them in the microwave to melt it down and little in hopes the wax would flow over and fill the sides
back up....yeah, not the best idea.... they caught on fire....just a little lol)
 We moved in all day Wednesday and half the day Thursday. One of my good friends hubby is an attorney and his firm got a private suite at the Dr. Pepper stadium.  We were tired but felt we deserved a night out...and a shower....after all our hard work.

It was such a pretty stadium, I was impressed!  I can't wait to bring Brielle back!
You could rent out the swimming pool section and grill out during the game, how awesome would that be!

Our Private Balcony

Melodie and I go the meet the gopher/hamster/weasel man.

The bottle of wine was all mine!

We left Brielle with a sitter for the first time ever (mom not back from Colombia yet)  She did great and we found her asleep in their bed when we returned.
Ok back to pick up more of my moms stuff.   Every time we would come home to the apartment Brielle would paw at the knob like a little cat.  I just loved it and reminded me of something we would do when we were little.  Oh the things she does that tickle my heart!

Apparently she thought she needed some bronzer.  We aren't on the jersey shore!
This is what happens when she puts her panties on by herself. Sweet little cheek!
Ok something I'm having to get used to.....little critters.  I feel like all we had were bugs in Amarillo.  Well here we have animals....tiny frogs all over the place and lizards.  They creep me out a little.  I like them better than bugs but I'm not used to them.

They make themselves at home as well.

Ugh this gives me chills....and ya just can't kill them like bugs...I mean could you imagine smashing a lizard! Plus they're cute.  So since I'm the one home most the time I have to catch and release them.
A baby pool cause a real one just isn't enough haha.  We had already purchased this a while ago and thought B would love it.  Well I think we were a year behind...she would have loved this last year.

We got to meet our sweet neighbors and they brought us a welcome to the neighborhood snack and a sweet card.  I love that people still do these kinds of things!  We are excited to get to know them, they are our age and have a little girl that's Brielle's age and a baby boy.
Our Realtor was the best!  I mean THE BEST!  She was supportive, funny, informative, smart, and so fun to be around.  She really knew her stuff!  Thanks Jill Nelson for finding us the perfect home (with a pool!)
She even brought us by a gift basket full of pool stuff cause one of her motto's was
"everyone should have a pool!"  I now agree!
As I started unpacking and decorating we ran into a few problems, like my curtains being a foot to short lol! Yeah they still look like this 3 weeks later.  I'm gonna have to get more material to add on!
You can't see his face but pretty sure he hates me right now!

I was freaking out because I thought I lost a box full of my prissy plates!  It's taken me a long time to get a good collection of serving platters together so I was stressed when I couldn't find these.  They were literally in the last box I checked!!! Of course that's how it works out.
Probably because some husband of mine wrote master bedroom on a box that should have been labeled kitchen.....of better yet, prissy plates lol.

Have I mentioned we retired the potty!  Brielle was never scared to use the big potty even without those little adapter seats.  Yay Brielle!  We are also fully day time potty trained....don't really know the requirements for that  but she does #1 and #2 all by herself in the big potty with minimal accidents. Even during nap time (when she decides to take one) she doesn't have accidents! On that note, for the past couple of months she only takes a nap about once a week now, but I still put her in her bed for a good hour and a half so I can get things done or nap myself!  
We've retired the baby potty and bought stools so she can reach the big toilets on her own.

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  1. Hurray! Love to see all of the updates. Miss you guys! Where's the pic of your hott new hairstyle?


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