Thursday, September 27, 2012

Labor Day Pool Party

We had our first pool party over Labor Day weekend.
  We invited some good friends of ours and our new neighbors to join us.

My cousin Derrick came by for the weekend
 before he got settled for the semester and got a new job in Austin.

 Melodie and Andrew

 Amanda and Anthony with Max and Madelyn

I think Brielle had fun

She enjoyed having her Uncle Dawey around!
 He enjoyed her too!

 Derrick is awfully handy so we couldn't let him come without 
having him work on our lawn mower and tv mount!

Breakfast on the patio....she even likes to line up her food.

 Derrick doing dolphin tricks!

And this guy didn't care to have a pool..............ask him what he thinks now!

I'm trying to show teach Neely where to swim so she can get out of the pool on her own.
 We are gonna miss this thing when summers gone.  We can heat it up but I'm afraid it might cost more than it's worth.  Maybe we'll try it once and see!

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