Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Move Home! Finally...A Home!

FINALLY! I'm back.  It always takes us like 8 years to hook up our computer every time we move! I have like a million posts I'm behind on! That gives me some anxiety!  And I've kinda gotten a little bored lazy with blogs, but I'm back on track now!  Wish I had a camera again as well...my I phone just isn't cutting it.

We had a busy few weeks!  I'm still tired ha!  Let me backtrack to 3/4 weeks ago.  We packed up the apartment, we as in me.  My mom was supposed to be back that Wednesday from Colombia but missed her flight therefore I got to pack all our stuff and hers too.  Landon got to move it all.  Poor B did not get the attention she deserved.  I bought her a game to try to make up for it.  

 Cutest little game ever.  I love doing this kind of stuff with her.  She has no idea what it means to lose or win so when she loses there are no fits, we just move on to the next game!
 Closing on our house was an absolute mess!  It was pushed out about a week after being told everyday that "tomorrow" we would close.  Against our better judgement we headed to Amarillo a few days before we were actually supposed to REALLY close this time.  I found out that Dillard's had a very special friend visiting so we stopped first thing so Brielle could see him.  I felt bad that she was put on the sidelines while we packed and moved.  We will be back in the flow of things soon enough and it will be all about playing and gymnastics and library fun!

 I got a night out with my girls!

Reunited with my little Eskimo!
 Ok enough fun....now the HORRIBLE part.  Packing up and moving our whole life!
 Biggest Uhaul you could get and guess what! We still didn't get all our stuff! We had to leave a carload.  It was supposed to fit a 3 to 4 bedroom up to 2100 sqft home.  We lived in a 3 bedroom/1600sqft home.  What the heck are we supposed to rent next time we move!  I think all the baby stuff and Christmas stuff took up a lot of unnecessary room! Landon's cursing my millions of boxes of Christmas stuff the whole time!  He just has to get used to it cause I'm gonna keep adding to that collection ha!

 My sister Sherry Ann and her BF James helped us out a ton! I don't know what we would do without them!
Sherry Ann and I had some much needed sister time and had quite a bit of fun despite the circumstances.
 She's small therefore very portable!

 That's it!!! That's all that fits! At the beginning we put everything in nice and tight and orderly.  By the end  we panicked cause stuff wouldn't fit so we just started throwing things on top of one another.

 We stayed with Landon's Grandmommy and Grandad the night before we left.  Brielle really enjoyed that!
 Nothing like getting you through a road trip but a rolo Mcflurry!
 My sweet friend Natalie make us a casserole when we got home which was a huge help cause we barely had time to go out and eat let alone cook anything!
 Exhausted!  Neely was so happy to be back home with us!
 I bought B this cute little microwave set to keep her busy during the move...and kinda buy her some love since once again she wasn't getting much!  She was such a good girl through it all and very patient with us!
 Our bow collection....yet I need more!
 When we bought our last house we went out to eat and celebrate before hand with breakfast.  We never eat out for breakfast so this is a rare treat.  Landon wanted to keep the tradition going so we had I hop before closing.  Of course we didn't close on time so we could have had a celebration lunch instead!

 Many months, tears, sweat, anxiety, hard work and prayers later........God brought us our home!  We feel beyond blessed and very undeserving.  Are we the only people that feel this way when this kind of stuff happens?  Landon and I always feel so overwhelmed and we actually feel bad.  Like we don't deserve this.  We are just thanking the good Lord for loving us so much!
 Ok Ok I know I blogged about how we found this perfect house with a pool I've ALWAYS wanted!!! But then slept on it and felt way to anxious to move on it.  Well after many weeks of thinking about it and praying for it, God made it apparent this was it.    I am so happy and can't even begin to tell you how giddy I get every time I look out my back window!  Landon and I have wanted a beautiful backyard we could entertain in for a long time!  I'm letting go of my fears and trying to learn peace.   Anyways....more pictures to come later! The inside needs lots of remodeling so I'll post before and after pictures as we get stuff done!
I can't wait to jump in there!

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