Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Swim!

We finally get to try this bad boy out!  
Guess who got the first swim in our new pool!
That darn dog!
 She's all ready to go!
 Brielle's first time in her pool

 Landon's first time in.......what a goof ha!

 My turn!!!!

 This is the life!
 So a few random things......... a guy shaving with an electric razor while driving....it's safer than texting, he still has his eyes on the road!

 Oh and here is what the line looked like after church one Sunday at McAlisters!  Everyone has these misconceptions about Dallas.  That it's super busy and super crowded all the time, and that's just not the case.  We also used to believe that.....how could you not, when you come here it's to go to six flags, rangers games shopping and water parks.  Those places are nuts....but everyday living is so normal and so nice here.  I just love all the things to do and all our bike and walking trails that are scattered throughout our city.  Traffic isn't bad and Landon's commute to work is 30 minutes.  He actually goes into work later and gets off earlier than he did in Amarillo!  Even with the commute added in we get to see him more than we did before we moved! We love that part!


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