Sunday, November 18, 2012

Brielle 3 Year Stats

Brielle had her 3 year check up.  Landon and I were both there so we could meet her new doctor.

She is doing great!  My only concern is she's a bit clumsy and trips a lot so I was worried about how she walks.  She more like shuffles her feet as opposed to the heel toe method.  The Dr. wasn't concerned and think it's just a phase and she'll grow out of it.

I think you look so very much like your daddy in these pictures your cousin Sasha took of you!!!

She had one shot while we were there.  I HATE it when you get shots.  Just kills me!  I'm not sure if it was harder when you were a baby or now but I felt like I let you down for not stopping the mean old nurse from stabbing you.  Bless your little heart, you only cried a second though!

Brielle here are some things about you lately.......

-you wear a size 7 shoe and size 3T in clothes. your jeans don't stay on as well now that you don't wear diapers.

Weighs 30lbs  and is  37 inches tall.  She is in the 50th percentile.  The Dr. said 58th for either height or weight I just can't remember which, average non the less. Your Dr said if you keep growing at the rate you are you will be 5'4, that's a great height I think especially if you end up liking high heels!

-you love to swim

-you still eat really well

-When your thirsty you say "I'm really really stirsty!" with an emphasis on the s lol

-you haven't taken a consistent nap or a nap for that matter in months

-you aren't a fan of amusement park rides or pony rides

-you've started waking up at 8 instead of 9. Perhaps the time change, I don't know but it's ok, we need to stop being so lazy and get up earlier lol

-all the sudden you're scared of the dark but we got you a night light and you're ok with that

-completely in love with your daddy

-you looooove books and will sit there and look at them all the time. I try to have a quiet time where we sit together and do our bible studies. You will get your "Jesus" books out and read & sing while I study.

-your long running still favorite toy is your baby doll Bree that Uncle Colt got you for your 1st birthday

-you're quit independent now with going potty, you'll go all by yourself and a pretty much potty trained except for at night.  Some days you wake up dry and some not.  We aren't pushing it, you'll get there when the time is right.

-you talk up a STORM now a days!  I'm quite exhausted by the time Dad gets home from all the
 chit chat you and I do all day long ha.  you say new things everyday that just amaze me! You amaze me!

-when you were little you were very good at remembering to say "tain too" aka thank you to everyone for anything.  You have a hard time remembering that now, you're much to busy ha.  However you are very sweet when we are out and about and somebody gets in your way or you get in there's are always make sure to say "excuse me!"  in the most sweetest voice,  Melts my heart.

-very caring, sweet and lovable towards others.  You don't like to see anyone upset or crying.
You're gonna be a great mommy someday!

-you're all girl except you love cars just like your mother

- you are a GREAT helper and are willing and happy to help me with anything when I ask and answer with an excited "SURE!" (except when it comes to picking up you own toys...that takes a littler more coaxing)

-your favorite shows are wonder pets, calliou, and super why......which I love cause you've actually picked up on a couple of reading skills from that show

You are at such a fun age and can do so much with us now!  I love it!
Can't wait to take our first real vacation as a family! 

You're my sweet little honey bear!

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