Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shops At Legacy

While Kasey was here we did A LOT of shopping!!! I told her we need to find a new hobby like putt putt or bird watching that's not so expensive!
One place I wanted her to visit was The Shops At Legacy in Plano.  They have lots of little boutiques and eating places all along the street. 

Kasey's nickname for Brielle is boo so she was thrilled when we saw this sign, Kasey not Brielle ha.

Look at that TUMMY! I just love it when she does that!

Me, Constance and Kasey

They were already putting up Christmas decor even though we still were 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving, I love Christmas time so I don't mind

We stopped and ate lunch on the patio at this place.  We had some amazing pizza!  The hostess handed us a lunch menu to order from, then the waiter told us he had a dinner menu and brought us that one instead.  Well the pizza was $4 more on that menu and not a bigger portion! What what a rip off,  I asked what time they switch to dinner and he said 4:00....well it was right at 4:00.  So what does frugal cheap Diana do...request the better price since that's the menu we were handed and it wasn't quite 4 when we got there. I mean come on, it was totally their bad.   I got the vibe that everyone was a little embarrassed to be sitting with me at that moment but we saved $12 on pizza that day, go me!

We arrived home to find 3 very lazy dogs.....

Mack so enjoyed having a backyard! He better get used to not since his mom wants to move him all the way to New York!
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