Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The After Party

After Brielle's party we had a whole day of relaxing with the family ahead of us.  We were only in town for two days but it didn't seem to fly by which was so nice.  We didn't  have any formal plans and just sat around and chatted, napped, danced, joked, ate and played games with the family all day!

Kaytie found this AWESOME  super lame pinterest tutorial on how to make your pony tail appear longer and fuller.  Apparently you put half of your hair into a pony tail then the other bottom half into another pony tail.  Um it's so obvious you have two pony tails on top of one another haha!  Of course we over exaggerated it in this picture. It kinda worked in my hair but if the wind blew even just a little it would reveal my disguise.  Can't believe everything on Pinterest people!

Kaytie and I getting out butts kicked by Juquita and Landon.  You can see Kaytie is very appalled!

2 seconds after this picture was taken I had a lap full of spit and candy corn from my giggly mother in law who couldn't keep them in her mouth! haha!

We left all the party supplies in Amarillo and will bring them back when we head home for Thanksgiving.  We made sure to bring back every single toy!
Lita telling Brielle a little made up story on the ride home.....

Get a load of this!  Landon stopped to hear the man say that he built this himself!!
I was excited to see his cool contraption of a car but not as excited as Stancil in the picture.


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